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Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
themmis complicated: involving the fbi, cia, ppntagon, the white houseeand congress. "i am puzzled by much of what has occurred in to an affair with broadwell, which amm to light when the fbi investigated what one u-s official has described ass "jealous" emails broadwell sent to elley. now, general allen is under investigation for allegedly sending to kelley email messages one defense official escrrbed as "flirtatiius." defense officials say authorities are pages of documents. "it - really makes yoo wonderrhow he it, and the motivation to do o - that from afar." the news about allen--which the national security council spooesman says president obama learned about the same day petraeus resigned-- has put allen's nominntion to be nato's supreme allied commander on hold..allen denies any wrongdoing and &premains on duty in afghanistan. "the presidentt has great confidence ii the military, great coofidence in the commander, and will continue to have that confidence." a defenss official tells cnn there's a defense department ty" the investigation into allennis connected to the
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
the cia director knew he was the subject of an fbi investigation when he briefed capitol hill. n seppember &pfourteenth, lawmakers say petraeus seemed very much wedded to the addinistration's explanatioo.king says, "it'ss &pimpossible to believe that he thought heewas giving us honest testimony." a administratioo's resppnsseto - benghazi today tempered expectations .mcccin sayy, "the party in power nevee likes to have a selecc committee, but i am hopeful that the american people will ddmann it and i'm guardddly optimistic that they will achievv that goal." as he walked away from a mid-day news confeeence, senate pajority leader harryytold reporters he would not support the idea. the chair and ranning members of he senatee homeland security committee, who have theer own proposal was premature. collins says, "i do not see the benefittof nor the need fot a select committee." news is told the fbiidirectoo sean joyce, his boss robert mueller, faced haad questtons about the failure to notify congress about the fbi petraeus investigation. and fielded questioos on the ptta
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
... last year....///the ... f-b-i... received a tip... that he aa involved with his biographer... / aalegation... wss.. being investigated... to... deterrine... if... it was... a sscurity risk. its a bad day for 7 navy seals...thee are are being punished by the miiitary to a video game company. pompany.members... of "seal team six" - - including one who was nnthe raid that killed osama bin laden hhd their pay dooked for two mooths.thh pentaaon ssys they seeved as ppid consultantsson the new "medal of honor" game √°√° without√° permission..they're &paccused of showing their official combat gear and spilling sensitive information to make the ame more realistic.. but a former navy seallcommando saas the team didnn reveal anything that at the end of the ddy,,tooo the taliban and al qaeda is warfare warfighter as a training video, assa training aid oo recruitment tool or &precruitment aad. they're not going to use ii. it. the seven already punished will bee ineligible for promotion essentiaaly ending their military careers. a pleassnt grovv man is placed
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
all officers have fbi became aware that the cia director's mistress was sending haaassing e-mails from several dummy accounts to this woman: jill kelley, a petraeus paaily friend who lived n taapa. keeley's family often spent the hhlidays with david petraeus and his wife hollyy an attempt was bbing made to blackmail the cia irector. it wrapped up its investigation 4 days before the ellction. petraaus submitted his resignation to the president thursday two days after the eeection and aaweek before he was to estify on capitol hill in closed-door ntelligence brieffngs about benghazi. he broadwell may have revealed 3 benghazi investigationnthat e - she gleaned from her broadwell says, "now, i don't know if a lottof you heard this, but the cia annex had actually,,umm had takenna coople offlibyyn ilitia members prisoner and hey thhnk that the attack on the &pconsulaae was an effort to tr so that's still being vetted." source and two security contraators in benghazi tell fox the libban milltiamen hell at the cia annex may be a cia has not had detention it - authority sincc january 200
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4